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Contact Us

Phone: (860) 486-6895
Address: Institute of Materials Science
University of Connecticut
97 North Eagleville Road
Unit 3136
Storrs, CT 06269-3136


We are a group of materials scientists/engineers who are interested in creating new materials for various applications (and having fun...). Our research covers a wide range of materials, including polymeric materials, ceramics and glasses, and composites. One of our main goals is to design materials with unique structure (down to nano- and molecular-scale) for specific applications, such as packaging, energy, catalysis, etc. In most cases, the structural design and control are the keys to the high performance of these materials.

Research Videos

Polymer/clay hybrid nanocoatings with excellent mechanical, barrier, flame retardant, and anti-corrosion performance - YouTube

Mechanochromic materials with high sensitivity - YouTube

Moisture sensitive wrinkles - YouTube

Dynamic thermal radiation modulators - YouTube